External Research Funding

1983-1986Medical Research CouncilDevelopment of immunoassays for myelin basic protein in body fluids£32,000
1985-1988MS SocietyCharacterisation of monoclonal antibodies to myelin basic protein£38,129
1985-1987 Serotec LtdAntibody generation£25,000
1986-1989MS SocietyMyelin basic protein and antibodies in body fluids£36,000
1986MS SocietyEquipment grant£7,500
1988 British BiotechnologyAntibody work£10,000
1987-1990National advisory bodyPreparation and application of monoclonal antibodies to inhibin£75,000
1987-1990Boots-Celltech DiagnosticsAntibodies to inhibin£25,000
1988-1991MS SocietyPreparation and characterisation of monoclonal antibodies to myelin basic protein£69,000
1990-1993MS SocietyCharacterisation of myelin basic protein catabolism products in body fluids£70,077
1886-1989 SERCPostgraduate studentship£9,000
1987-1989Short courses on monoclonal antibodies£6,000
1990Nuffield FoundationTravel grant£1000
1991Royal SocietyTravel grant£1,300
1991-1994Cancer Research CampaignInhibin as a tumour marker£60,000
1991-1994MS SocietyEstablishment of MS Society synthetic peptide laboratory£141,000
1992-1995MS SocietyPeptide laboratory£87,000
1993MS SocietyPeptide laboratory£15,000
1993MS SocietyPeptide laboratory£147,000
1993 HEFCPostdoctoral researcher£70,000
1993MS SocietyPurchase of mass spectrometer£60,000
1994Medical Research CouncilDevelopment of immunoassays for inhibin£108,000
1994MS SocietyPeptide laboratory£43,000
1995MS SocietyPeptide laboratory£45,000
1996MS SocietyPeptide laboratory£70,000
1997-2000Medical Research CouncilWork on inhibin immunoassays£132,000
1998-2001European commissionFramework 4 on inhibin£320,000
2001-2004European commissionFramework 5 on ovarian ageing£324,000
2003-2006Ovita (New Zealand company)Contract research on sheep reproductive hormones£240,000
2005-2008Oxford Bio-InnovationFunding for PhD student on adiponectin immunoassays£110,000

Brookes Univertisity N Groome Total research funding over the period 1978-2008 £2,267,000

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